Ensuring comfortable and healthy outdoor conditions for people and plants is the key to sustainable and successful buildings, city structures and green relaxation areas, thus providing a better tomorrow for everyone.

As your partner throughout the entire planning process, we provide solutions to obtain the best values for our clients’ designs. We help prove their green hearts on a transparent and scientific basis by using an internationally recognized and accepted numerical model.

This gives your proposals and designs that little extra, compared to those who only claim to work as intended.

If your ideas cannot be handled by our model yet, we will research new approaches to support your innovative design ideas with cutting-edge simulation technologies.

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For architects

The scope of services for architects provided by ENVI-MET is broad in range and depth. The holistic simulation approach considers the interactions from small-scale decisions such as the choice of façade up to larger networks such as the interaction of new buildings with their neighborhoods. With our support, your designs are one step ahead in competitions, because you can prove that your visions protect and generate comfortable outdoor conditions by providing scientifically based data generated with our state-of-the-art microclimate model.


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For landscape architects

With high-resolution models of soil water and temperature, solar radiation and plant physiology we will test the performance of your Green and Blue solutions to achieve a maximum microclimate effect and healthy plants. Using the ENVI-MET TreePass, you get a comprehensive overview of how well your plants’ requirements and the site conditions match to obtain the best possible thermal benefits for your landscape designs and to ensure optimal growing conditions.


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For urban planners

Urban areas are highly complex systems with a multitude of interactions in space and time. To design resilient and sustainable cities, especially within the scope of future climate change, you need to know how changes in this system will influence their wind patterns, local climate and air quality. Our advanced simulation modules include recent technologies for residential cities such as Blue Technologies, Photocatalytic pollutant degradation or green wall systems. With our analysis you can focus on different spatial levels from single structures up to the urban area as an interacting organism in order to detect undesirable effects and strengthen the potential of the area.


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For investors

These days, many buildings and urban areas claim to be green and sustainable. But there is far more in a design than meeting some certificate criteria.


Our commitment is to get an in-depth look into your project from the first idea to the final design, supporting you in all questions of outdoor thermal comfort, landscape design and building energy performance. With our unique simulation methods we will find solutions that offer you the best value, whatever that may be: - attracting customers or buyers, increasing the productivity of your staff, or inspiring the community in which you live – and we check the impact of your designs before you make cost-intensive decisions that cannot be rolled back.


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